Kadamb – Ek Naam?

Several times, I have been asked about the meaning of my name. What is Kadamb?  Is it a tree, flower or something else, what do we call in English?

Kadamb is a fast and beautifully growing tree with regular branching and blooms with it’s beautiful flowers in summers. It’s botanical name is Anthocephalus indicus or Anthocephalus cadamba and some of its common names are Kadamb (Hindi), Vellaikadambu (Tamil) and Kadamba  (Sanskrit). Kadamb is a fragrant and beautiful solid flower, which is round in shape.

In Religion and Mythology

Kadamb trees and flowers are universal favorite among the Gods. Krishna loved to sport in Kadamb forests, and the Mother Goddess Durga resides in a Kadamb forest (Kadamba vana vāsinī).  The Kadamb tree is popularly associated with Lord Krishna, who is usually depicted playing his flute under it. Many of Lord Krishna’s ‘Leelas’ (His pranks) are said to have taken place under Kadamb tree.
In the southern part of India, the Kadamb tree is associated with Goddess Parvati, who is believed to dwell in a Kadamb forest (Kadamba-vana-vasini). The tree is hence referred to as ‘Parvati’s tree’ here. The worship of the tree is supposed to ensure wealth and progeny. The flower is also sacred to Lord Kartikeya. The twigs  of the tree are offered to Lord Shiva.

The tree is also sacred to the Jains. Bhagwan Vasupujay, the 12th Jain Tirthankara is associated with the tree.
Kadamb tree is a mythical tree believed to be the Tree of Buddhism and was thought to reunite separated lovers.

Kadamb & Vrindavan

Vrindavan is the land of kadamb groves, where Krishna courted his beloved Radha and played pranks on the Gopis, a land immortalised by stories of Krishna’s love games.
The kadamb groves of Vrindavan, which severely depleted, are believed to be the spots where Krishna played his erotic love games. At the Seva Kunj, Krishna danced the Raaslila with the gopis. Through his divine powers, Krishna would create an optical illusion which made it seem like he was the dancing partner of every gopi.

Kadamb & Science

Aryabhatt had propounded the view that earth was round Just as the bulb of a Kadamb flower is surrounded by blossoms on all sides, so also is the globe of the Earth surrounded by all creatures whether living on land or in water. According to Samveda The nīpa is ‘the dust kadamba,’ and it has large flowers. The kadamb proper has smaller flowers and a very pleasant fragrance. Kadamb flowers produce a beautiful aroma similar to the smell of jasmine. In ancient Indian texts it is considered one of the most attractive of all aromas.

Kadamb & Uses

The fruit juice is given to children to treat gastric irritability.

A decoction of the leaves is good for ulcers and wounds.

The fruits are edible.

A medicinal composition for the cure of diabetes, prepared from the extracts of the commonly found Kadamb tree (Mitragyna parvifolia) leaves, has been granted patent by the Controller-General of Patents, India.

Yah Kadamb ka Ped by Subhadra Kumari Chauhan

Here is a moving poem about wishes of a child to climb a tree on the river bank and play a tiny wooden flute to surprise his mother. In this high-tech age of computer games, this poem reminds us how great joy can be derived from simple things in life

Yah kadamb ka ped agar ma hota yamuna teere

Mai bhi us per baith kanhiya banta dhere dhere

Le deti tum mujhe basuri do paiso wali

Kisi tarah nichi ho jati yah kadamb ki dali

Tumhe nahi kuch kahata mai chupke-chpuke aata

Vahi baith phir bade maje se mai basuri bajata

Amma amma kah bansi ke swar me tumhe bulata

Bahut bolane per bhi ma jab nahi utar kar aata

Ma, tab ma ka hriday(dil) tumhara bahut vikal ho jata

Tum aachal faila kar amma vahi ped ke niche

Ishwar se kuch vinnti karti baithi aakhe meeche

Tumhe dhyan mai lagi dekh mai dheere dheere aata

Aur tumhare faile aachal ke neeche chup jaata

Tum ghabara kar aakh kholti, per ma khush ho jaati

Jab apne munna raja ko godi mai hi pati

Issi tarah kuch khela karte hum tum dheere- dheere

Yah kadamb ka ped agar ma hota yamuna teere


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About kadamb

At work I am a Microsoftian, Global Program Manager working in Partner Strategy & Business Management space. At home I am a Husband and Father of two cute kids; like spending time with family and friends. By nature I am optimistic, logical, extrovert and follow the values and faith. Love travel and visiting the entire world is my dream. Like reading and writing philosophical, sociological, spiritual or Emotional intelligence blogs to help humans understand the challenges in life and the way to happily live with that. In my another category I share my WORLD TRAVEL experience so that travelers could make informed decisions. In my business category I share the MANAGEMENT blogs which can be helpful for a MBA graduate or business executives.
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One Response to Kadamb – Ek Naam?

  1. hiraman says:

    I read the post on kadamb with great interest specially the poem. The poem was part of our Hindi syllabus. I chanced on your blog while searching material on Kadamb which I plan to plant this monsoon. Just wanted to share with you that green Kadamb leaves are great pain relievers. I have tried it and recommended to friends.

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